About Rudy Bischof

Rudy Bischof, a 63 year old self styled entrepreneur and outdoorsman, now lives in Texas with his wife Sue.  Together they have experienced some unique adventures in their marriage of 26 years.  With seven children between them, life has been an adventure in itself.

Rudy grew up in Southern California (in the days when that was a great place to grow up).  As a young boy he began to develop his multi-talented abilities as a singer/guitar player, an artist and an avid lover of the great outdoors.  His playgrounds were the hills and orange groves of the, then lightly populated, San Gabriel Valley.  With his trusty slingshot stuck in the back pocket of his faded and worn jeans, he and his pals were the terror of the rabbit and quail denizens of their outdoor kingdom.  Summers were pretty much dawn to dusk expeditions in the hills.

Later in life Rudy became an entertainer and a graphic artist, but the parts of his life that are pertinent to this arena are his outdoor and military (US Army 1967-1970) experiences.  These experiences fueled a passion in him for living in the wild and learning the skills of wilderness survival, and gave him confidence and a survivor’s attitude.  He knows that he can handle anything that may come his way.

Over these past years Rudy (mostly accompanied by his adventurous wife) has;  backpacked the Sierra Nevada’s and the Cascade’s, fought a black bear with a stick, lived off the grid in Oregon’s coastal range for 2 years (with 5 children), spent over 100 consecutive days plying the trails of the Bridger-Teton National Forest on a Wagon Train, lived in a tipi, hunted deer…elk…rabbits and bear, ran white water rivers, created and operated an adventure outfitter’s business, managed a mountain lodge at 9000’ in the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico, hiked desert canyons and arroyos, faced off a big rattler (and eaten several others), served over 14 cumulative years as a BSA Scoutmaster, and bounced over the Utah Outback in a Suzuki Samurai.  These adventures have provided many opportunities to learn, develop and hone the skills of outdoor survival.

Those skills gave rise to Rudy’s interest in emergency preparedness.  He put together his first 3 Day Survival (emergency preparedness) Kit 35 years ago and began to teach others to do the same. His membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gave him a ready audience for his skills.  He has taught emergency preparedness workshops to many different church wards and branches in several states. In addition he has taught and lectured civic groups and public safety departments.

Rudy’s approach to survival preparedness is somewhat different from most offerings in the field.  He is a proponent of a plan that is based on traditional wilderness skills, but with a heavy emphasis on modern day tools and implements and how to use them.  For example:  he teaches that it is good to know how to make and use a “bow drill” for starting a fire (and teaches the concept), but that it is better to carry a modern fire-starting tool with you wherever you go…which he does.  His unique preparedness plan also addresses the multi-level preparedness needs of urban/suburban families.  Surviving for three days in a “bug out” situation is just a piece of the whole pie.  He teaches preparedness on six levels from 72 hours to years.   He believes in the concept that “tough situations require tough preparations.”  His motto is “tough for tough.” His program is tough.  He calls it hardcore.


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