Survival Bandana

You probably wouldn’t think of a common, ordinary bandana as a valuable survival tool, now would you?  Well, you might be surprised at the many uses to which a bandana can be used to help you survive.  Now I’m talking about a 100% cotton, large sized, most brightly colored you can get, bandana.  These qualities are important in a survival bandana.

A bandana is lightweight and easily folded into a small package.  Storing it in a sturdy zip lock, quart size, bag is an excellent way to keep it clean and dry in your pack.  A bandana is an easy sewing project, so if you can’t find one you like…make it.  This way you could have an oversized, blaze orange bandana, which would be the best survival bandana to have.

Let’s take a look at how a bandana can be made to function as a survival tool.  The following list is a work in progress, there are many more uses that can dreamed up to make this mundane implement a real life saver.  To give this a little more sense let’s break it up into the basic elements of survival: shelter, fire, water, food, tools and protection.

In the element of SHELTER your faithful bandana could be…

  1. A covering for your head, a hat or cap.
  2. A sun visor.
  3. A shade screen.
  4. Made into mittens (2 bandanas).
  5. Fashioned into stockings (2 bandanas).
  6. A diaper.
  7. Makeshift underwear.
  8. A  sweatband.
  9. A dust mask
  10. A cooling neck wrap.
  11. Ear muffs.
  12. An evaporative cooler.

In the element of FIRE your faithful bandana could be…

  1. Made into “char cloth” for tinder.
  2. Used to gather and carry leaves, grasses and lichens for tinder.
  3. Used to tie up a bundle of kindling.
  4. A fan to fan the fire.
  5. Shredded and used as tinder.

In the element of WATER your faithful bandana could be…

  1. A pre-filter to remove particles and sediment prior to purifying.
  2. A “mop” for collecting dew.
  3. A sponge for soaking up water  from small puddles.

In the element of FOOD and cooking your faithful bandana could be…

  1. A gathering basket for collecting seeds, nuts and berries.
  2. A storage pouch.
  3. A pot holder.
  4. A dishtowel.
  5. A dishcloth.
  6. A strainer.
  7. A steamer basket.
  8. A fish trap.
  9. A fish net.
  10. An insect net.
  11. A bird trap.
  12. Used for making fish lures.
  13. A table cloth.
  14. A napkin.

In the element of TOOLS your faithful bandana could be…

  1. A signal flag.
  2. A cleaning rag.
  3. Bullet patches for a muzzle loader.
  4. A carrying pouch or bag.
  5. Cleaning patches for a firearm.
  6. A windsock.
  7. Torn into strips for trail markers.
  8. A line toss bag.
  9. A rescue flag.
  10. A sanitary pad.
  11. Torn in long strips for tying.

In the element of  PROTECTION your faithful bandana could be…

  1. A bandage.
  2. An arm sling.
  3. An eye patch.
  4. A tourniquet.
  5. Used for tying a splint.
  6. Handcuffs.
  7. A whip.
  8. A compress.
  9. Ear plugs.
  10. Padding for sore spots.

There you have it, fifty five ways to use a bandana …oh yeah, fifty six, you can blow your nose in it!

Some of these uses may seem a little strange to you.  If you would like to see a survival bandana in action, or learn more about some of these techniques please visit my website or Follow me on Facebook.  ….Rudy


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